26 Dec 2020

How To Buy with Prepaid Balance allows you to Buy/Sell listed Digital assets conveniently, Store, Send and Receive using our prepaid wallet, Convert between listed assets by using our Exchange feature,  


How to Buy With Prepaid Balance Account?

3 Steps applies to all

make a deposit into your prepaid Account
After then you can either Buy or Exchange on our platform

Click on “Start Exchange”
Select the “e-currency” you want to Exchange. 
    a. Options: "Prepaid Balance" to "Bitcoin" or any of your choices.

Click on the “NEXT” button”
Enter the amount you need either In "dollars" or your "local currency"

Click on the “NEXT STEP” button
Enter the details of the transaction; which includes;
a. Your Bitcoin Wallet Address

Click on “NEXT STEP”
Read your order history & be sure you’re submitting the right information
Follow the instructions and Enter WD12345 on the payment details filled below and click on Confirm

Leave your feedback
Wait for order confirmation at your email or Click on DASHBOARD, choose “MY EXCHANGE” and view details of all your Exchange Orders
Once your order is successfully completed, you would once again receive an email to notify you!


We advise you to try out our Prepaid Feature. You will receive your Exchange within a minute when you buy with Prepaid Payment Option. Add funds to your prepaid wallet and you will be able to use this feature. You can buy up to $1000 at a go with our Prepaid Feature...

Have a great day and stay blessed.

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