Fees / Rates

Fees / Rates

P2P Trading

1% fee for a completed trade

Admin Offers Rates Per Doller

Ghana Rates

CurrencyBuy AtSell At
63bc67d9e85241673291737.png Bitcoin - BTC13.00 GHS12.00 GHS
63bc6da648fa81673293222.png Tether - USDT13.00 GHS12.00 GHS
63bc6bc607b541673292742.png Bitcoin Cash - BCH13.50 GHS11.00 GHS
6401c09324c361677836435.png Ethereum - ETH13.50 GHS11.00 GHS
63fc98dd25a041677498589.png BNB Mainnet - BNB13.50 GHS11.00 GHS
63bd2093bcc5a1673339027.png Litecoin - LTC13.50 GHS11.00 GHS

Nigeria Rates

CurrencyBuy AtSell At
63bc67d9e85241673291737.png Bitcoin - BTC741 NGN715 NGN
63bc6da648fa81673293222.png Tether - USDT741 NGN715 NGN
63bc6bc607b541673292742.png Bitcoin Cash - BCH00 NGN00 NGN
6401c09324c361677836435.png Ethereum - ETH00 NGN00 NGN
63fc98dd25a041677498589.png BNB Mainnet - BNB00 NGN00 NGN
63bd2093bcc5a1673339027.png Litecoin - LTC00 NGN00 NGN

The above rates are not fixed, all prices are subject to change at any time depending on the state of the blockchain networks

Affiliate Commission

You earn a 20% commission on the c-Exchange fees from complete trade,

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